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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last year, my friend Kevin over at Questing for Atlantis and I attended a conference at the Heritage Foundation on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and civil liberties. Michael Chertoff was the keynote speaker.

Chertoff spoke on why it is necessary for the DHS to largely ignore civil liberties in protecting the country. He seemed to get annoyed at the line of questions he received, particularly with regard to airline security. In an attempt to take a shot at the apparently libertarian-leaning audience, Chertoff wondered aloud who would want to travel on an airline without security checks. Kevin and I quickly acknowledged that we would gladly frequent such an airline.

Here are some characteristics of such a libertarian airline:

  • No ID would be necessary for domestic travel (national laws regarding passports and visas will obviously still apply)
  • Flights will be less expensive due to less overhead for security
  • No security lines before reaching your departure gate
  • You may bring any amount of liquids/gels in your carry-on luggage (When traveling alone, I will often only bring a carry-on to minimize my time in the airport. I strongly dislike having my toothpaste confiscated)
  • Passengers may carry concealed weapons (Who will pull a gun on a plane full of gun-carrying passengers?)
The benefits of a libertarian airline can be summarized as less expensive, less time, and less invasion of privacy.

If you don't feel such an airline is safe, then fly on another airline.

Posted by Eleutherian

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1 Responses to Libertarian Airways - Return Liberties to Airlines

  1. JIMMY DELL Says:
  2. I think that the rules are applied in a humorous way around the Caribbean. You are frisked and your luggage is searched, then any liquids over the limit are discarded. Then you are released and held in the "duty free" area where you are encouraged to purchase luxury items before departure. Included in these items is liquor, in glass bottles,some of it 151 proof or the same alcohol content that you were forced to discard.


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